Typhoon Higos Coming Through…

I don’t even know when it happened. Suddenly, yesterday, it was a T3. I guess that shows how much I pay attention. The early talk was that it wouldn’t go past a T3. Then around 8PM last night, we got an email from the school saying that the T3 would be moved to T8 at 10:40 PM (22:40).

In the past, if there was a T8, we wouldn’t have school if it was still T8 in the morning. We received word that because we were already participating in distance learning, we would continue on as we have been. So there would be no day off for the typhoon.

By the time I went to bed last night, it wasn’t too bad out. A lot of rain and wind, but the building didn’t feel like it was moving or anything like that. In the past during typhoons, the building would sway from the force of the wind. Thankfully, that was not the experience this time. Though I do get little moments of dizziness. I wonder if it is maybe moving a bit. If it is, it’s no where near the T12 we had a few years ago.

Actually, we didn’t get above a T3 last year. I don’t think we had any crazy typhoons. Every year I’ve been here, we’ve had at least 2 T8s a year. Last year, not one.

The typhoon did get up to T9 overnight, but it was down to T8 this morning. The biggest issue we’ve had with it today has been the internet connection issues. I have two kids who are participating in the distance learning and I am as well. I think with all three of us trying to run Zoom and Google Meet calls at the same time and then the storm, it just was too much.

So now it has calmed down. The typhoon has made landfall on Mainland China, and it’s losing strength. It’s well passed us a well.

I used to enjoy typhoon days. There were days we were stuck in the house and just got to hang out together. It was exciting in a way because of the urgency of it all. This time though, because we’ve been stuck inside for so long, it has been … not torture. But maybe? After spending the last 7 months dealing with a pandemic, a typhoon hardly seems as exciting anymore.

Just one more “thing” to deal with.

Oh well, life goes on. At least online learning is here to distract from the whole situation even if it is a constant reminder of the situation.

One day, it will end. We will look back on this year and think, that was a messed up year. Right?

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