Some New Ink…

I found this infidelity support group on the internet. It’s for what is referred to as the betrayed spouses. It’s based on a book that was written by a woman who had also experienced infidelity.

Most of the other people in the group are in the US. There are many from other places, but the majority are in the US. I did find one other woman who was in Hong Kong. She and I started talking and have become friends.

She had a similar experience to me. Western husband who had an affair with an Asian woman. Her husband left for his girlfriend though.

She decided she wanted to get a tattoo. She asked me to go with her to get it. We had talked about it for most of the summer, but it was hard to pin down because of all of the closures of various businesses. Tattoo parlors were supposed to open back up on 29th July. I had talked to one parlor about her tattoo, and they told me after the 29th, we could come in.

So on Friday, we went to a tattoo place in TST to get her tattoo done. When we got there, they were still closed. They wouldn’t be opened until 3rd August.


So we ended up going to lunch and heading home. That night, she messaged me. Her helper knew of a tattoo guy who was open on the island. We jumped on it. She made an appointment for the next day, and off we went!

It was in a very small place. It reminded me of the shops in the Dragon Centre in Sham Shui Po. We actually asked him how he was open. He said the business down the hall was open, so he was going to stay open.

I have a feeling he could get in trouble for being opened.

Anyway, she ended up getting her tattoo on her shoulder blade. It took about 2 hours, and she was a freaking beast. Not one complaint. Not one flinch. I love it. It turned out so well. Simple, elegant, and sexy as hell. =]

After she finished, we had enough time. I was meeting some work friends for dinner at a certain time. I had wanted to get a tattoo behind my ear for my nephew. I ended up getting it on my wrist.

It only took about 20 minutes for him to finish the tattoo. It was very simple. I love it.

The story behind the tattoo is that I bought two identical stuffed elephants. My kids named the elephant Stuffy. We sent one Stuffy home with my brother when he visited to give to my nephew. We had taken photos all over during our travels with Stuffy. I created a photo album for my nephew with Stuffy.

I have associated elephants with my nephew. I got the elephant tattooed on my wrist. My sister is going to have a daughter. I am going to get a unicorn in a similar style next to the elephant for my new niece.

I love my little elephant. I can’t wait to get the unicorn.

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