And the Old Place is Done…

On Monday, A and M as well as my friend, C came over to help me repaint the old flat. I had painted it when we moved in to make it more homey for the kids and me. When I gave my notice to move out, I was asked to repaint it back to white.

If I had known it was going to be such an ordeal to repaint, I may not have painted the new place (since I have to repaint this place as well).

Okay, I would have painted it no matter what. The walls were gross again. I don’t think I can live in that awful super light yellow color that landlords seem to be so fond of.

It turned out it took three coats of paint to even get close to cover the paint on the walls. It took forever for us to repaint the flat. We worked on it for two days. A and I finished it on Tuesday.

After we finished, A and I went to celebrate at her house with some wine.

This is Terry. He lives in our office at school during the school year.

When we did our last checks of the flat on Tuesday (after we had cleaned everything up), we found a spot behind the door in my bedroom that needed another coat of paint.


We left it for the next day. I took a day off and went back on Thursday to finish the flat and clean up the floors. We got paint EVERYWHERE.



I understand why they wanted it repainted, but I know I would not be able to stare at those walls. It would drive me mad. From what I can understand from the agent, they had put the place on the market anyway.

When they came to get the keys and give me back my deposit, they had an agent with them as well. It wasn’t the same agent who I rented through.

Kind of funny now, but at the time not so much. The first check they gave me was for only half of my deposit. They tried to tell me that I didn’t pay last month’s rent. When I started pulling up my banking app to show them I had paid it, the one sister said, okay, you paid. She wrote out another check with the correct amount.

So I am now done with that place. We are fully moved into our new place. So incredibly happy to be here.

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