And We’re Moved In…

Over the week, we worked on the painting. I had talked with my agent friend about how the walls were dirty. She talked to the landlord and got him to agree to let us repaint the flat.

Monkey and I went to the paint shop in Tai Wai. It was so hot out. We were standing out in the sun trying to find the colors for each of the rooms. Bub went with the same color he had at the last flat. Monkey chose a light blue. I went for a light purple. H wanted a slate gray. I got a more purpley gray for the main living space.

It was nice because this time the kids were here. They were able to help with the painting. Monster thought it was the greatest thing ever. Bub was less enthusiastic. It took a couple days to get him over there to do the painting.

In my room, I decided to use some of the old paint from the other place. I used the color from Bub’s room (I meant to use the color from the girls’ room).

I think that the color actually turned out well. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but after I got the furniture in the room, I really liked it.

So this is what the painted flat looks like.

We started painting on the 13th and finished painting after a couple of days. B had taken that whole week off to help us move. During that week, we slowly moved stuff over to the new place.

Because this place has four bedrooms, we were able to have a closet. That was a pretty exciting thing. I ended up putting some shelves in the closet. I put a lot of the girls’ art and craft supplies in that closet. One the shelves, I put our board games. I was able to put the shelves for the towels and bed linens in the closet as well.

It’s funny when you can get so excited about having a closet. In my old house in the US, my house had a closet in every bedroom and three other closets throughout the house.

We ended up getting all of the furniture moved over and put together. A and M came over to help with the move. B was also there to help. By the time they left, the kids all had beds to sleep in.

I wasn’t happy when we moved into the last place. I was in a bad place when I rented that place. This place though, I have been happy since I signed the paperwork. I love this flat so much. It is more space. The kids even seem happier here. It’s a great place that doesn’t feel cluttered. On top of that, because it is a four bedroom, H was able to have an actual bedroom. I hated that she was in that tiny little space living. She didn’t have an actual bed. She does now. This place has an amazing view. From my bed, it is all water and mountains.

I am hoping that I don’t have to move any time soon after this. Moving sucks. We’ve moved around enough since moving to Hong Kong. Three times in four years. So yeah, we are done. =]

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