Moving… Again

Precipitating Event

A couple of weeks ago, my landlord asked to have management come look at a leak in the walls we had issues with not too long ago.

No problem.

She comes up with 4 people who were not from management. They looked at every part of the flat and talked about the view.

Well, I think they did. It was all in Cantonese. No one spoke English, so I’m not for sure. She tried to ask me questions about the curtains. The man and woman acted like they were sitting at a desk looking out the window.

I messaged my agent about who was in my flat. She said it should have just been someone from management. I explained the situation to her. She was just as confused as me.

Turns out the landlord had put the flat up for sale. She claims the people who came up were just hanging out in the lobby, and she just brought them up because they wanted to take a look around.

Either way, I have issues with people who can’t tell me the truth.

We’re Moving!!

I reached out to my friend who is also an agent. I asked her if there were any flats in the compound that are bigger. She said there were two. The next day, we looked at them.

That brings us to today.

The first one was in the the tower next to ours. It’s a few floors higher. It is a 4 bedroom with over 200 more square feet space. The other was in the first tower and a few floors lower than what we’re in now.

Well, I decided on the first one I saw. My agent friend made an offer, and the landlord accepted the offer.

So I will sign the last contract on the 10th, and we can move in after that.

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