Monster Got a Hair Cut

Monster has been growing her hair since we moved to Hong Kong. We came here, and she had short hair.

She was enjoying having her hair very long. She loved to have her hair braided.

She decided right as school was getting out that she wanted to cut her hair to donate it. It was also because her hair is hard to take care of and really hot in Hong Kong summers.

She really wanted to have her hair cut the same as Monkey’s. Monkey shared the photo with Monster, and we took it over to the hair salon. The hair stylist didn’t speak any English. The girl who does my nails was there though. She was able to communicate for me.

He thought she may not want it shaved so close. He gave us magazines to find a style that would work better.

We settled on a style that the sides were a bit longer and the top wasn’t so short. I had to have the nail girl tell the hair stylist that the hair needed to be braided to be able to donate it. He let me cut the ponytail off.

She was so excited to be able to do this. She wasn’t freaked out at all about her hair being gone.

I can’t believe how much she has grown up. It’s fun to see how their personalities and everything evolve over time. Monster is learning more about how she wants to express herself.

Her hair turned out so well though. She is talking about growing it out again and donating it after it has grown out again.

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