Monkey Has Graduated!!!

They had these then and now for all of the kids. Most of the kids started there in year 7. Monkey started in year 12 and finished in year 13. She doesn’t look that different.

First of all, I am so happy Monkey got to have her graduation. There was a lot of back and forth about whether or not they would be able to have the ceremony. I really like the way that the school did it.

Heading to the Graduation

We were able to get 4 tickets to the graduation. They broke the graduation into 4 nights. Each night, one house would have their graduation. Monkey was in Rowell, and her night was the 17th June.

There were three parts to the graduation.

The Photo Ops

The first part we had was the photo ops. They had these different backdrops around the area of the library for families to take photos.

The Graduation

The music that was being played before the graduation started.
Speech by the principal of the school.
Monkey walked across the stage and graduating.

Refreshments and Reception

I am so happy Monkey was able to get a graduation. Originally, we were going to enrol her into SCAD, but they closed the Hong Kong branch shortly after I had talked to them about Monkey attending there. Then with all of the virus stuff, most universities will be online for next year. Monkey is going to take a gap year and work for the year. We will sort out her schooling in the spring next year.

We are so proud of Monkey. She graduated with honors. She finished high school and finished during a time of great uncertainty.

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