Week 2 of Hybrid Learning

We are into our 2nd week of hybrid learning. This week both Monster and Bub are attending school Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We are only halfway through the week, and it feels like it should be over. I am not sure if I would rather just have the kids in school every day or online every day. I don’t think it matters too much.

The biggest struggle is with Bub. He started medication back in April. We went to the doctor yesterday for the second check for him. It’s hard to answer questions regarding progress for Bub right now because things are so chaotic. There are times that he does well, and there are times that he does not so well. I know that it won’t be an overnight change, but I suppose I was hoping for more progress.

I spoke with the doctor without Bub there. She was trying to say that if he isn’t interested, then maybe he won’t do it. Maybe don’t expect him to. I object to this. I told her that wasn’t something I wanted to teach him. Life is not all about doing whatever you want. There are things you are going to have to do that you aren’t going to like. He needs to learn these skills now to be able to be a functioning adult. She seemed to accept this. Her point though was we needed to accept small progress, which is what we are seeing.

The other thing she said was he probably is able to focus better on things that are of interest to him. If he is not interested in a subject, then we should try to make it fun for him. I disagree with this as well. Not everything in life can be fun. I understand, to an extend, that things should be engaging and interesting, and I do feel that the teachers Bub has are really good about doing that. Even with the amount of time and effort people are putting in to get Bub to do his work, he is still resisting at times (especially when he is doing the home learning). I think he needs to learn to get on with it. There have been multiple times that he would tell me he was working on something. For hours. It wasn’t until I made him sit next to me on the couch that he finished the task in 10 minutes.

He needs to learn that if he can finish those things that quickly, he should just do it and get it over with. Instead it is this constant cycle of me nagging him.


Anyway, it’s been another week. Well, almost. It’s only Wednesday. The year 9s are out of school tomorrow, so that means online classes. I’m not a fan of this setup. I don’t have any in school classes tomorrow. I feel like we should have the option of doing it from home, but I also understand the merit of being in school. Materials are readily available and all that jazz.

We have 3 weeks left of school now. It’s hard to believe. It will be interesting to see what school looks like next year. There are no clear guidelines being shared at this time. I can understand why there aren’t. August is a long time from June (well, sort of). A lot can change between now and August.

For now, we will continue to muddle through this. It is definitely really nice to be face to face to the students again. I truly did miss the little turkeys.

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