Week 1 of Hybrid Learning

This week, we welcomed students back into school. For Monday, we had Y8, Y9, and Y11 in school.

To come into school, all of the students have to come in a designated entrance. Previously, everyone either came in by bus or the MTR entrance. Now, there are two lines (one line is for primary and the other is for secondary). They are entering the building through the emergency vehicle entrance (EVE).

They have this crazy set up where the kids have to follow the arrows around. There are two thermo-scanner things going on to try to catch anyone who as a fever. They also have to have their temperatures taken at home and record it on a form their parents have to sign. The thermo-scanners are meant to be a last line of defense. Maybe the kid had normal temps or maybe they didn’t get it taken at all. The scanner can pick out someone who’s temperature is too high.

The way the rooms are set up, we are only able to fit 22 students in the classroom. Our classes are 27 or 28 students.

This means that there are students who are unable to fit into the classroom. In those situations, the excess students are to go to the hubs once the instruction is finished. While instruction is happening, they are to stand around the classroom.

It was … interesting.

We don’t have traditional desks in our classrooms. We have 2 seater tables where the students sit next to each other. Now, the tables have been set up with the students sitting on either end of the table with a clear plastic divider in the center.

My advisory kids love to play Uno in the mornings. This is how they got around the social distancing. I’m glad that they are able to get some sort of normalcy in the advisory. All of the classrooms are set up similarly. I’m sure you will notice some flaws in the set up.

Lunch time is an interesting situation. There are only 3 year levels at school at any given time for the secondary school. For primary, my understanding is that they have only half of each year level in at a time. There are 6 classes in each year level, so only 3 classes are in at any time.

For lunch time, there are 3 designated places for the students to eat. They are also assigned a time slot. The three areas are the PAC, the undercover area (pictured above), and the canteen. They will also either eat from 1:00-1:25PM or 1:25-1:50PM. Students are to adhere to social distancing rules. We were told not to be crazy about it, but also don’t let them get crazy.

Kids and teachers have to wear masks at all times except when they are eating. If they are eating and not wearing their masks, they are not to be facing each and/or talking.

Of course, on Monday, we ended up with Red Rain.

This week has been so much rain. It’s been pretty nice weather for most of time we were out for home learning/quarantine. This week though, I’m surprised that we didn’t have any typhoons or something.

Bub was in school for Monday and Tuesday and will go back tomorrow. Monday was a rocky start for him. He has a lot of anxiety surrounding the current political climate here in Hong Kong right now. Today, there was supposed to be massive protests today, but it seems things are okay for right now. There were not as many protesters as they were projecting. I think the protests won’t get too far right now. There is a global crisis right now, and most of the countries who they want to pay attention, cannot because they have much bigger fish to fry.

We have a wonderful wellbeing team though, and he has an amazing liaison teacher who works with him. I know he probably gets more attention because I work here, so I am so grateful.

Monster had her first day yesterday. It seemed to be a really good day. She was happy to be there. I think in class is much easier for her than the online thing. So Monster is at home today.

Monkey is done. She doesn’t have anymore school now. She is pretty much graduated. We don’t know if there will be a graduation though. That is the saddest thing for her, I think. At least, we know that even if she was in the US, she wouldn’t have a graduation either.

This whole thing has been a rollercoaster. I am really glad that things haven’t erupted the way they said they would. Hopefully, it will stay that way. There is just so much stress right now. Between the virus, the political issues, personal issues, family issues, everything. It is just so much to deal with all at once. At some point, this too shall pass, right?

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