Week 14 of Corvid-19 Home Learning and There is an End in Sight

14 weeks into virtual learning and almost 18 weeks into the whole Corvid-19 situation as a whole in Hong Kong. There seems to be a potential end on the horizon for us here in terms of learning. We, as teachers, are returned to school today (Thursday) and students will start back on Monday next week.

The way I think it is going to look for us is similar to what Monster is going to have at her school. Three year levels will be in school at a time. They will alternate each day. Monster will go Tuesday and Thursday one week and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the next week. For Bub, he will go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. Monkey is done and not going back to school. Still haven’t heard anything about graduation.

At School…

It is really good to be back at school. There are a ton of rules for the kids and for staff. We have to wear masks at all times in classrooms. The students also have to wear their masks.

Lunch times are heavily regulated. Each year level has a designated location for lunch and a designated time to eat lunch. I have to giggle at a few of these kids. They are throwing mini tantrums because their helpers can’t bring them lunch at school. That was something they couldn’t do before, but they think because they need to bring their lunch, they should be able to, I guess? I don’t know.

I suppose it’s being American, home lunch meant cold lunch. It meant something that could last in your locker until lunch time and didn’t need to be warmed up. That’s just my little gripe.

So that’s where we are. Going back to school for the last month of school. There are some parents who are concerned and some who can’t wait to get their kids out of their hair.

I guess we’ll see what it looks like when we actually get there.

At Home…

I am getting really nervous about what is going to happen for this summer. My mother has booked airline tickets for the kids and I for July. We are supposed to leave on 1st July and return on 22nd July. Right now, when coming into Hong Kong, you have a mandatory 14 day home quarantine. No one can come in or out. From what I am told, our helper will have to go somewhere else as well as our dog. I am not sure what to do about this.

They are saying the quarantine may be reduced to 7 days. I am not sure now how we are going to deal with the summer. Most everyone else has cancelled their travel plans because of the issues going on with the virus as well as coming back into the country. I think there is a very real possibility that we will have to take this approach as well.

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