Week 7 of Virtual Learning/ Week 8 of Coronavirus in Hong Kong

Today’s Numbers for Hong Kong

Hong Kong

It’s been 8 weeks since the first case of Coronavirus in Hong Kong and 7 weeks of virtual learning. Seriously. When will this all end?

For us, we were doing really well there for a while. We had a steady increase of 3-4 cases a day there with less some days.

Monday (16/03) Numbers

Then it exploded all over the world. People started returning to Hong Kong, and with them, they brought more with them.

This past week, we saw huge increases. We went from less than 150 cases to an increase of roughly 20 in two days. Today, we are over 200.


Wednesday (18/03)

We were feeling pretty good about things. We were cautiously optimistic that our lives were going to be returning to a more normal sooner rather than later.

Yeah, fat chance . My company has gone back to completely work from home. Students aren’t even allowed into the school anymore.

The government is now saying it is unlikely that we will return to school in April. There is the possibility that we would go back in stages, but it’s hard to know now with the virus coming back.

The United States

US numbers today

This past week, it seems it has blown up in the US. It’s interesting to watch because this has been our lives for 2 months now. There are so many conspiracy theories going around on Facebook. I have a few friends convinced that this was all a ploy by the US government.



There are so many people complaining about the social distancing. So much misinformation. So much minimizing of the seriousness to vulnerable populations.

I am very worried about my parents and brother. My parents are older, and my dad has a few health issues. My brother is immunocompromised. So far, this hasn’t reached them, but it’s only a matter of time.

General Thoughts

My kids hate this. Both my own kids and my students. So many of the kids you would never EVER hear it even partially uttered from their lips have told me over and over they just want to go back to school again.

They miss their friends, of course, but so many of them miss the structure and the motivation. They miss their teachers (never thought that day would come).

My own kids want out at as well. I am happy I didn’t send them to the US. Bub is even happy he wasn’t sent there. They would have been stuck there, potentially longer than what their original stay would have been.

We do try to take walks and do things. It’s hard though because the days start to melt together. It is hard not to feel despondent in all of this.

At some point this all has to end, right? Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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