Week 3 of Work from Home

We had a big jump in cases, but from I understand from that is it had to do with a family gathering with an infected person. The government is warning against large gatherings now. They are also discouraging traveling out of Hong Kong in an effort to contain the spread.

I have been considering sending my kids back to the US to stay with my family. So far, they will not be returning to school until 16th March (Bub’s birthday).

We (as teachers) are told we cannot leave the country and continue to get paid. I think I can understand that reasoning to an extent. We are expected to work on Hong Kong time and provide learning to our students during that time. If I were to return to the US, I would be 14 hours different from Hong Kong.

I have discussed with Monster and Monkey’s teachers about them going to the US. Monkey’s teachers were less concerned about her leaving whereas Monster’s teachers expressed more concern.

Monster requires a great deal of support. The LEC has gone above and beyond in supporting Monster.

For now though, I think we will remain here. I am concerned about them travelling on their own. Granted, Monkey is 18, but she tends to get flustered very easily.

We are going stir crazy here. Things are still shut down. My gym has been closed since the end of January. The expectation is that we wear masks when we go out. You can’t buy them anywhere, but you’re expected to wear them. We have had to resort to spraying sanitiser on our masks. Luckily, the ones we got were reusable right before they all disappeared. .

I have to keep telling myself it will all be okay. I keep reminding myself that we’re living through history and someday, we will be able to say “we were there”. Similar to what happened during the protests.

So for now, we are safe and good. Kids and I are going a little mad sitting at home. Waiting to see how this all plays out.

UPDATED 19/02/2020

Second death in Hong Kong.

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