Off to the Homeland

We started our trek to Chicago. The first trip with the kids since the separation. We are going home for Christmas to see family, both mine and his. B will be going as well, but he isn’t staying with us.

I know his family doesn’t understand yet why. I think they will after this. There is no more hiding from it. While we were in Hong Kong, it was easy not to admit it. There will be questions. I am interested to see what B’s answers will be. It’s up to him what story he wants to present to them. My family knows. They are super supportive and loving. That’s all that matters to me. If he chooses to tell them something else, that’s up to him. What they think of me matters very little to me at this point. They have been quite clear in their dislike for me even before this all came out.


I’m dreading the flight. It will be 15 h 25 m to Newark and another 2 h 15 m to Chicago. The kids handle things pretty well all things considered.

We were seated pretty together. Monkey was sitting by someone and I was sitting by someone. The guy next to me was very nice though.

The flight was long. Monster did get sick, but I think it was mainly air sickness.

I’m so happy we had Timothy McVelvet (so named because the first time he went through security, they swabbed him for explosives. My sister modified him to be a weighted stuffed animal for Monster to help her). That dog has helped her through quite a bit. Looking at her, you wouldn’t see autism, but it’s there.

We arrived at Newark and ended up going through immigration there. Then we had to go through security again. That took a while.

It was a nice airport though. They had iPads everywhere to order food and sit. We got some food since the airline food seemed to have taken a large dive.

Bub liked it. He could play games. He played games on that thing until we had to board. This was a much shorter flight.

It was not nice weather out though, and it was definitely colder there than it had been in Hong Kong 🥶🥶🥶

The kids were ready though. They wanted so badly just to get to Chicago. They were so good through the whole thing. I’m really proud of them.

Monkey was excited because she was able to get through most of the Star Wars films on the first flight. She wants to finish them on the way back.

We made it to Chicago! Because it wasn’t international, we found my parents and brother just outside the security wall. It was so good to see them. We didn’t even take photos. 😂

We were more concerned with hugs and just being so happy to see everyone.

So we started the trek back to their home about 2 hours straight west of the city.

I’m so grateful to my family. I know now why I dreaded the trip last time. It wasn’t them. Not at all. I feel safe for the first time in months (possibly even years).

We stopped for dinner on the way at an oasis. Monster and Bub got Panda Express (which I find hilarious coming from a Chinese region).

We are home for now. We will soak up the love and acceptance and care from my family. We will enjoy our time.