To the Doctors and the Lennon Wall

Monster and I ended up at home today. We went to the swimming pool at our compound yesterday, and she got some water in her ear that wouldn’t go away. It was starting to hurt her.

For me, I had a swollen eye. It had been slightly swollen the day before, but today it was even more painful and swollen. My main concern was whether it was something contagious or not.

So Monster and I set out to the doctors office in Ma On Shan we had been going to since moving to this area.

I thought the doctor opened at 8 AM, but they must have changed the time. We got there, and the big metal door was down. Monster and I returned to the mall next to the MTR. Nothing was really opened at that time, so we checked out the Lennon Wall.

It was even bigger and more than it had been when we went towards the beginning of the summer. I guess I’m not sure why I am surprised.

It’s amazing to see the time and effort people have put into the whole thing. There were so many different memes and paper cranes. There were small notes from people just expressing their feelings about the unrest.

Monster and I talked about what some of it meant. The hardest part is they know a bit about what is going on. They are scared of the police now because of the shocking images and talk that goes on. It is a constant battle to explain to them that not all are bad. Just as the other side wants to say all protesters are bad. Neither side is right about that. There are many more good and kind people on both sides of this issue. We have lived in Hong Kong for over 3 years now. We have encountered far more kind and accepting people than bad. We have seen police out and about, and they have always been friendly. Hong Kong is also still one of the safest places in the world despite the current political situation.

In the end, Monster had an ear infection, and I had an eye infection. We both remained at home for the day.

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