Hot Pot and Wine

I went with A tonight to have hot pot with a couple of her friends. One was local born Chinese and the other was BBC (British born Chinese).

Both are fabulous women. It was funny. I hadn’t seen one in quite some time. She didn’t recognize me right away. Besides the weight loss, I wore glasses and always wore my hair up.

Now my hair is down with pink and purple. I have gotten contacts. I wear makeup again (it’s been a while. I used to wear it when we first got here).

It feels good for people to see the difference. I knew I was lost. I’m not anymore. I know who I am again.

The other thing that is fun is no one believes my age or I have an almost 18 year old.

Anyway, we had a great time drinking wine and eating hot pot. Infidelity is too common. One of the other women had her husband cheat on her as well. He ended up married to his affair partner. I suppose I’m lucky in that B isn’t with her anymore. At least that I know of. Though maybe they deserve each other. I don’t know.

I have had hot pot before, but in Japan. This was a more Chinese version. From what I understand it is a winter thing. It is NOT winter. It was still good.

I bought this wine solely for the label. I love my trees. It is okay. I think I had had enough prosecco by that point it didn’t matter. 😅

It was good. I have good friends. I have people who care so much. I am blessed, so incredibly blessed by the people I have around me.

While it still hurts to think about what he did, I know it has helped me to be who I am again. It is still so confusing to know which way is up, but I have these women around me. They have pulled me along and not let me give up.

I am grateful.

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