Sunday Funday

The Doctor’s Visit

Well, it didn’t start out as fun. Bub developed a rash the night before. He has had an upper respiratory infection. It just hasn’t gone away. By the morning though, the rash was gone. I still took him to the doctor.

The kid is still coughing like crazy. The doctor said he has bronchitis and an ear infection. So we left the doctor again with a bag full of medicine. If you know anything about doctors in Hong Kong, they throw a ridiculous amount of medication at you when you are sick. The poor kid has not had a good run of it since he returned from the US.

We went to the bakery though and got some of his favorite treats. For all of the unwell he’s been feeling, he definitely still eats like crazy. He still yells and acts like a goofball playing his video games. He is his normal self.

Hair and Nail Room

After we got back from the doctor, I took the girls to the mall next door. Monkey needed a hair cut, and I wanted to get my nails redone.

I love the girl who does the nails there. I have been to her a few times now. Monster just came along to hang out. She sat with me while I got my nails done and helped me pick out my color. In the end this is what we chose.

Monkey got in to have her hair cut after I had finished with my nails. She has been keeping her hair short for a while now.

She had this cute style she wanted to try. It’s sort of spiky. She was worried about how the school would react as they are very strict, but my thought is boys are able to have spiky hair, so she should too.

There was brief discussion about Monster getting some purple peekaboo highlights, but we ended up tabling that conversation for later. I want her to be able to express herself. B doesn’t want her to stick out.

Monkey is quite happy with her new look. I think it turned out really well. She’s so adorable. We went after to get her some gel and mousse. She hasn’t ever really styled her hair before, so this is new for her.

After the Salon

Afterwards, we went home. Monster hung out with me in my bedroom. Monkey watched her favorite show. Bub was in his room playing video games with his friends. Every few minutes there was a shout from his room as whatever creature took out his character in the game.

It was a lovely evening with my children. It was very calm and relaxing with them. It felt like we were okay.

Dinner time

Later on, B came over for dinner. It seemed the calm stayed after he appear, which hadn’t been the case for me in a while. It was a good day with my children. It definitely made me feel like we would be okay.

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