Bub Had a Growth Spurt!!

My son. My sweet son. My 13 year old sweet son. He. Has. Outgrown. ME!!! Before he left for the US to see my family, he was still shorter than me. Well, barely, but still.


He is so much taller than me. I am not ready for this. I need more time. I don’t know how this happened. A couple of my friends laughed, saying it must be that Midwestern food.

The kid is going to tower over me in no time. At least I still have Monkey. She’s done growing. I feel for her. Monster is almost as tall as her.

Now, height doesn’t really matter. This is more a mother lamenting the fact that her children are growing up. I am excited to see what they grow to be though. All three of them are amazing children. They are such good people. They are compassionate, kind, and loving.

I just really needed to mark the day he passed me in height. Something I know he is supremely excited about.

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