We moved out of Oscar by the Sea on 22nd June 2019. It was a Saturday and two days after I had gotten the keys from the landlord. This would be the first time B and the girls would see the flat. Monkey still wasn’t happy about sharing a room. There was nothing more I could do about that for her.

The Move

We had packed up everything in the couple of weeks leading up to the move. It hurt to see my home in such disarray. It hurt to know we were leaving. It hurt to know why I couldn’t live there anymore. But still, it had to be done. B will tell you I chose this. I chose this disarray. Yes, in a way, I suppose I did. I chose the best course for me and my children. Everything I do is with their best interest at heart.

Still, it was moving day. My friend’s husband would be there by around 9 AM with his Filipino army to move our things.

They were quick. They had everything down on the sidewalk in less than an hour. It was only a wait for the truck to arrive. They got our things out quicker than they expected, I think. There were issues with the management that were not fun to deal with. They were quite angry we hadn’t taken it to the ground floor. I was unaware of this as when we moved in, we did what we are doing now.

In the end, the truck was about 30 minutes late. They loaded the truck with lightning speed while I got in a taxi with the kids to head over to the new place. Over there were two of my friends waiting to help us clean the place up before the guys got there with the truck.

The place was a mess. It was dirty. I know I walked around in a daze as A and K cleaned. In the blink of an eye, they were done. The guys had arrived with the truck. Unloading was much easier here. The management was much more friendly and kind.

Moving In

Like shoving 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag.

My father

We have way too much stuff. That’s all there is to it. I don’t know how we collected so much. We came to Hong Kong with about 30 boxes. Not even big boxes. When we moved to Oscar by the Sea, we didn’t have this much stuff. In the two years there, we have collected so much. There isn’t enough space in this place for all we have gathered. It is going to be a trip to actually jam it all in.

Finding Furniture

In that first week, the kids slept on their mattresses on the floor. B and I went around Sai Kung to find furniture from other expats moving out. We moved at a good time because it was during the time people would be leaving the country. It was cheaper than buying new. I was able to get a decent set of shelves for free. Other stuff, I paid barely anything for it.

I found my bed from another teacher who moved from our school. It has a ton of storage underneath the mattress. You lift the whole mattress to get to the space below. It was a trick to take that thing apart.

There were many trips to Ikea to start trying to determine how any what. Not necessarily to buy but to plan. I did end up buying Bub’s bed new because I was unable to find what I wanted on the marketplaces. The girls’ bed was the one from Ikea, but I was able to get it used for 100 HKD instead of 2000+ HKD.

Finding the Paint

B and I went to a couple places, but most of their paint was premixed and ordered. He was able to find this place in Tai Wai where the mix the paint there. Choosing the colors without the kids here was a little difficult, but I think I was able to find colors they would be happy with.

The Living Room

Currently, the livingroom is still a mess because this place is a constant tetris of moving things around to get things put away. I think we are getting there though.

The Girls’ Room

The girls’ room gives me a lot of stress. I hate that I am putting the two of them in this tiny little room. B thinks it will bring them closer together, and he may be right. For that week, they were getting along really well and seemed to be bonding. I still need to do a lot of work in their room because most of the stuff that was in Bub’s room is in their room now. As I said, a never ending game of tetris.

Bub’s Room

Bub’s room was the last to get painted. There is still some work that needs to be done. I need to change his light because that light hanging down is not going to work. I also got some shelves for him that will fit under the ladder.

The Master Bedroom

I think I painted my room in tandem to the livingroom. It is turning into a really nice space. I was able to find some trees and need to find a tree for above the bed.

It’s not completely done yet. That is going to be the push this week to finish things up. I am hoping the kids like it when they get home. It is not going to look anything like what they left. I am truly hoping that I succeeded in #makingahouseahome for them.

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