Monster Graduates Year 6!!!

It’s been a hard road for the Monster since coming to Hong Kong. I knew beforehand she had some challenges, but it wasn’t until we landed in Hong Kong that we discovered the extent of her needs. Monster and I are so extremely grateful to my school for how well they took care of her and were able to move her to a program appropriate for her. Because of my Head of School, Monster was in the best place for her. For that, I will forever be grateful.

Monster found wonderful friends in her school. So many of those kids showed her such love and compassion. They loved her the way she was. They befriended her and helped her to grow. Because of these kids, my monster is a much different little girl.

She spent two years in that wonderful school with some of the most wonderful teachers and staff. I will be forever grateful to the vice principal there who really showed her love and care for Monster. She treated her with such care and compassion. She truly loved my little girl, and I know she has truly made a difference in Monster’s life. The music teacher. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to him for what he has given her. Not just the music. Not just the ukulele, but someone who listened to her. Someone who she trusted.

Then there were her teachers. Pure love and patience. People who loved her for who she is. People who saw the good in her. People wanted the best for her. I don’t know how I was able to get so lucky to have such wonderful people in her life. I am so sad to see them going. And two were leaving the school. Though they were moving on to bigger and better things. I am grateful it happened after Monster left.

The graduation was a wonderful ceremony. The kids looked excited about the whole thing. They sang this song that was rewritten for their experience at their school. Monster had only been there since year 5, but she was still such an important part of the group.

It was when they got to the part about the years Monster was a part of the school that I started to lose it. I think you can hear a bit of sniffling in the background.

It was nice because each student got their certificate and got a photo taken with the head of school. I know that’s normal, but for Monster, I think it meant a lot. She had developed quite a relationship with pretty much all of the administrators in her time there.

At the end, they sang this song in Chinese. It was really pretty. Monster has never been a fan of learning Chinese. Surprisingly, her teachers say she had a great attitude in class. News to me. Ha!

I will forever be grateful to the staff, teachers, students, and even the parents of this school. They all had a part in helping Monster to grow and learn and become a better Monster. I am sad to see this school go, but I am excited about the new adventure that awaits Monster in her new secondary school.

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