Finding a New Home

I had looked at a few different flats in another compound.  Those just didn’t feel right.  I had taken Bub with me to see another flat in this compound.  It is within walking distance of the school for Bub and me. The other agent had taken us into the clubhouse for this compound. Bub fell in love. I looked at a few others in the compound, but they were all so small. The worst was the helper’s room. They could hardly be called rooms. Just this one floor plan was even close to acceptable, and it’s just barely.  The other rooms are also very small. It has a fabulous view.  It’s so small though.

The kids have always had their own rooms.  That was not going to be the case here.  I can no longer afford 4 bedrooms.  The girls were going to have to share.  Monkey wasn’t too pleased with this, and I do understand why.

It pains me that I can’t do better for them.  It really does.  But this is the best I can do.  We are going smaller by almost 400 sq ft.  I hope this works.  We won’t be able to move in until 20th June.  It’s so close to when we need to be out of the other place.  It’s going to be tight.

It needs a lot of work.  I hope they can be happy here….

Categories: Family, Home, Hong Kong

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