Off to Japan for the Easter Holidays!

Traveling from Hong Kong To Osaka

Today would have been our 17th marriage anniversary.  We are on our way to meet Fruitbat in Japan.  This will be the first time the kids will spend time in Japan.  They have had one day in Tokyo before. It was a layover on the way home from Chicago last year.

This time, they will get to see Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Toyko, and Yokohama.  We are meeting Fruitbat in Osaka.  This flight though will get us there late, but it is only a 3 hour flight.  Fruitbat has already been in Japan for a few days, so hopefully he’s adjusted to the jetlag.

We didn’t really have a set plan as to what we were going to do with the kids.  I know Monkey wanted to see a Pokemon Centre.  Monster wanted to go to a cafe of some sort.  I was pretty sure Bub would like Akihabara.

So we gathered up our passports and boarded our plane for the land of the rising sun.

Our Journey to the Hostel

We arrived into Osaka pretty late. From there, it was finding the right train to get us where we needed to go. Luckily, we had gotten our JR passes, so we were able to use any of the JR lines pretty easily. We found the train, but then we had to find the hotel. Turns out their taxis are much smaller than the ones we have in Hong Kong. So we had to take two different taxis. I gave the driver the address and gave Brad the money. He left first, so I was hoping he would have change for me to be able to pay my taxi driver because I had no money with me. Luckily, it did work out. We made it.

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