Frozen Shoulder Anyone?

I started having issues with my shoulder a couple months before Christmas. It hurt when I lifted anything or if I lifted my arm past a certain point. I thought it was just strained, so I just dealt with it. After a few months, I was so over being in pain. It had gotten to the point of interfering with my sleep and causing my fingers to feel numb.

It’s a weird thing because it seemed to just build up over time.  I had thought I slept on it funny because our bed is not very good.  I sort of just ignored it for a while until it got to be too much.  It was especially difficult because I wanted to hold my nephew over Christmas break.  I wasn’t able to hold him from very long.  If Love would have had his way, I wouldn’t have held him at all.

When I returned from the US from Christmas holiday, I went to the doctor for a referral. That was when I first heard of Frozen Shoulder.

Yes, that is a thing.

I was given a referral to a physiotherapist.

It has been over a month now that I have been seeing the physiotherapist once a week. He stretches my shoulder in the various ranges of motion. They give both an ultrasound treatment and electro stimulation treatment. After those, I am sent with stretches to continue until I see him the following week.

So far those actions have greatly increased the range of motion within my shoulder. There is still pain when making sudden movements or applying pressure for extended periods of time.

From what I’ve read though, it will take a while for it to fully “thaw”.  The works of the physiotherapist seem to be helping it go quicker.  I think my last appointment is today.  At least that’s what I think they said.  I guess we will see.

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