More Appearing on the Horizon?

I had a phone call with Monster’s specialist teacher.  Monster will be going to her secondary school to see what it looks like and how it works.  It will also be an opportunity for the LSC team to meet her and start determining her level of needs.

As we were talking, we got on the topic of her writing.  I hadn’t seen Monster write in a while.  It looks much like a kindergartener just learning to write.  I asked Specialist teacher about the possibility of an OT assessment at school.

So here’s where I feel like I would like to run away screaming.

She said that would not be a problem and actually a great idea.  While I see handwriting as an issue, it will not be the only thing that comes out of the assessment.  Be ready for more.

More?   Really?  What more?

I spoke with a coworker the next morning.  She guesses that Dyspraxia is going to be the main culprit…..

So anyone keeping score?

  1. Autism
  2. ADHD Inattentive
  3. Dyslexia
  4. Low working memory
  5. Slow verbal processing
  6. Slow processing speed
  7. Most likely some executive functioning issues


I love my daughter. I love her with everything that I am. I love the way she is, but I know this means more struggle and adversity for her as she grows. I worry about her. I worry about how she will function on her own. Love says she is the one he worries least about because she can adapt and learn. I know he’s right.

So I guess we will see what comes out of it, and we will work on getting her therapy until school finishes.

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