Monster’s School Fair

Love and I went to Monster’s school fair with her.  I received a letter stating that Monster and I were to work in the Kids’ Cafe for an hour right at the start of the fair.  So because Monster liked to brag about her daddy, he decided to come with us.


Monster and I worked for an hour selling baked goods.  It was really nice because she was able to work with quite a few of her friends on the booth.  There was so much food there.  I don’t know if they ever actually sold all of it.  We had the tables full of cookies, cakes, dumplings, spring rolls, brownies, and a ton of other stuff.  Behind the tables, we had stacks and stacks of more.

I think Monster did a great job working.  It was her job to get people to guess the weight of the cake.  She was going out into the crowd asking them if they wanted to guess the weight.  She did really well for a while, but then I think it got to be too much.

After Monster and I were done, we left the cafe and checked out the fair.

We stayed and let Monster run with her friends for a while.  After she seemed to have had enough of that, we go ready to leave.  But Monster still had one thing she wanted to do.

I’m so happy we got to go this year.  There are so many people at this school who have taken Monster on as their little buddy.  She has so many people there that love her and look out for her.  I worry what is going to happen when she moves to her new school next year.  I hope she is able to find similar relationships wherever she ends up.


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