Loss From a Distance

My grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer at the beginning of July.  We were told he would have 6 months left.  We hoped that we would have one more Christmas with him.

A week later, the medical professionals were saying only a month.  It was so fast. Knowing my grandfather, he didn’t like being fussed over.  I also don’t think he wanted to hang around too long.

Grandpa was gone in less than 3 weeks from the time of his diagnosis.

I miss him.  I missed him before he was gone because it had been Christmas last year since we’d seen them.

We were not able to go home though for the services.  There was no way for us to purchase tickets home for all five of us.  On top of that, Love was still working.  I hated that we weren’t able to be home and spend time with everyone.  I hated that we were not there to support our family, but it was what it was.  We had no choice at that point.

Still, my grandfather was an amazing man.  I am going to miss him.  Christmas will not be there same when we go home this year.


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