Going to the Peak to See What We Can See

We haven’t been to The Peak since the first year we got here.  I think we went in December of 2016.  We have had a few visitors since then and have tried to get to The Peak with them, but each time, it just hasn’t worked out.

We don’t have any visitors now, but I thought it may be nice to take the kids up there again since we are on summer holiday.  We decided to take the tram up the mountain instead of the various buses and minibuses that would take us there.  Monster wanted to take a taxi.

We ended up waiting quite a while in the line to get tickets to the tram.  If you are here as a tourist, please check out KLOOK.  They tend to have good deals.  You do have to have identification from another place to be able to collect those tickets.  We could have used it this time, but I didn’t.  No real reason why.  I guess I didn’t think it would be that bad on a Tuesday.  Spoiler alert: it was.  We ended up getting the tickets that included access to the Sky Terrace 428.

As I said, we waited for about an hour in line to get the tickets.  It was at least in an undercover area because it was really hot and sunny.  The kids did a fair bit of complaining, which is pretty much par for the course with them.  We got into the terminal to get on the tram.


We rode the tram up.  Unfortunately, we were on the wrong side.  Going up, you want to be on the right side facing forward.  On the right, you get to see the skyline as you go up.  On the left side is just the side of the mountain.  Not the end of the world if you end up on the wrong side, but it would have been nice to be on that side.

We got to the top pretty quickly.  It’s only about a 5-minute ride to the top.  When you exit the terminal, it dumps you into an alley of gift shops.  It’s all very much touristy stuff having to do with Hong Kong and The Peak.  Not bad, just not necessary for us.  It was super crowded.  We had to fight our way to get out of that horde of people.  We headed straight up to the Sky Terrace 428.  The 428 is how many meters above sea level the place is.  From there, you will have a full view of the Hong Kong skyline.  The slightly strange thing is you are looking down on most of Hong Kong Island (Central side) and across the harbor to Kowloon.


The kids did enjoy this look at things.  We spent some time up on the terrace looking down.  Unfortunately, part of it was closed due to cleaning, so we weren’t able to the 360 view they tout.  Still, it’s quite pretty up there.


Dude’s favorite part was leaning over the edge because the wind comes up the mountain and hits you in the face.  I had posted these photos on social media and had people comment that there are too many buildings.  I disagree.  I find that to be what makes Hong Kong so charming.  At night, it is even more amazing, but we couldn’t stay due to Love finishing work.

We headed into the mall after we were done to see what else there was to see.  The shopping center across the way tends to have different attractions.

The place is huge.  This is the center you come into from the Tram.


This building is rather iconic.  You will see portrayals of it on a lot of the touristy souveniors.  Still, it is a pretty cool piece of architecture.

We went to the shopping center across the way, because as my brother always says, “Hong Kong is the land of mountains and malls”.  He isn’t wrong.

We worked our way up to the top to go out on the terrace.  There are places you can go where you don’t have to pay and see the skyline.  It’s not as good as the Sky Terrace, but it does do the job.  The first time we went to the Peak, that is where we went.  They have an observation deck.

In this mall, we ran into a Chocolate Museum.  I am going to be honest, it wasn’t worth the money at all. I think it cost us $400 HKD for the 5 of us to go in.  It was neat to see, but not worth paying that kind of money.

Everything in the museum was made of chocolate, so that was cool.  It was super small though.  After you get out, there is a place to decorate your own chocolate, but it was an extra cost.  To be honest, I thought that was part of the ticket price.  It wasn’t.  It was extra.  So lesson learned.  We  should have just done the chocolate decorating.  That would have been more fun.

After that, we found a 5D (not sure what the 5th dimension is, but whatever) exhibit about sharks and dinosaurs.  I knew Monster wouldn’t want to see it because of the noise and the potential for scary.  Still Dude was so excited to see it.  He, Monkey, and Helper went to see it.  It was not cheap (by my standards at least.  LOL), but it was definitely worth it for them.  They thoroughly enjoyed it.  Dude was so excited about what he saw there.  Helper said it was a lot of fun.  Monkey really liked it as well.  Still not clear what the 5th dimension is though.

After all of that, it was time to go home.  Love would be heading home from work soon, and I didn’t want to be gone too long and have him sitting at home alone.  He’s perfectly fine, but I still feel guilty since we are out of school and he still have to work.

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