Our First Junk Experience

We had to be at Pak Sha Wan Public Pier at 10 AM to board the junk with Love’s co-workers from one of the kindergartens he works with.  Monster wasn’t super excited about the trip until we mentioned UNO (her favorite game).  Monkey was pretty indifferent.  Bub was cautiously optimistic because there were going to be kids his age.

It has been rainy and stormy for the last week.  The day of the junk was no exception.The main worry though was it was to storm all day.  This could cause issues (spoiler alert:  It totally did).

The storms started to roll in as we got closer to our destination.  One of the other teachers came to me that Monster was getting sick in the toilet.  For most of the trip, all of the kids had been fine.  They were going up to the roof to the inside of the boat and just playing, but in that last bit before we got to where we were going, the water got really rough.  I went to get Monster.  She was miserable.  Another teacher spouse gave me seasick tablets, and she was able to take that without any issue.  I got her settled at the back of the boat when I was told Bub was on the roof getting sick.


Love went and handled Bub.  I handled Monster.  Monkey was happily talking with various people around the boat.

We got where we were going, and we asked to go to the beach.  They wouldn’t let us because of the rain.  There was no cover, and we would have been sitting in the pouring rain (as well as thunder and lightning).  I was able to get Monster to get in the water.

This didn’t help her though.  She was still getting sick.  She spent most of the trip getting ill, but she did so well.  She didn’t whine or complain or kick up a fuss.  She wanted to have a good time despite the seasickness.  Bub was able to bounce back.  He got the seasickness tablet in him and actually got into the water.  Monkey went through over half of the junk trip without putting in her earbuds.  I thought that was pretty good.

In the end, they took us to the beach for the last 30-60 minutes before we left.  Monster and I got to walk down the beach and look for sea glass.  She finally was able to settle her stomach on land.  The trip back, she ended up falling asleep because she was just so exhausted.

We had a good time despite the kids feeling unwell.  Everyone on the junk was incredibly kind and caring.  The other teachers and their families were very understanding.  The people running the junk were very sweet and caring.  It was a good first experience.  Now we know the kids will get seasick (though the state of the water could have had something to do with it.  They were fine until the water got overly rough).  Bub had a junk for his friends’ birthdays in August.


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