Monster’s Ukulele Debut


Tonight was the Music Spectacular at Monster’s school.  She has been part of the ukulele club since just after Christmas time.  She has done really well with the group and really enjoys playing the ukulele.  I think she’s pretty good at it for someone who just started.

We got there sort of early.  Love and I came straight from work, so we came up through Sai Kung to the school.  He was working at the school near me.

Monster gets to work with both the music teacher and her specialist teacher in this group.  It has worked out really well for her.  So much so that her specialist teacher works to incorporate ukulele into her school day when needed.


We sat to the side of the stage and waited for it all to start.  I have talked to many of the people at the school already because of the amount of support Monster needs and also because those who work in SEN end up at the same events I attend.

Or Monster leaves a mark on them through their interactions.  I have had many people at the school rave to me about what a special girl she is.  Part of me feels this is just because they know the depth of her need, but another part of me knows this is just the way Monster is.  She is special.  She is kind and caring and loving.  She wants people to be happy.  She always talks to me about her dreams to raise money to house homeless children.  Not sure how she will accomplish that, but that’s what she wants. 😁

We waited as the kids got ready for their big night.  There were rain clouds overhead that threatened to stop the whole performance.  There was a thunderstorm warning for the Eastern side of the New Territories (where we were sitting).


But the rain held off, and the warning was canceled as the performance began.  Monster was waiting with her group for her turn to perform.

Monster’s group was the second to perform.  Monster did a great job.  All of the kids did a great job.  It’s impressive what they were able to teach these kids.  So proud of the monster and what she was able to accomplish.

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