The Monster and her Ukulele

This video is of Monster playing her ukulele about 4 months into learning.  While I know her peers are more advanced, I am just so proud to see the progress and determination she has shown in learning this instrument.

Her interest started with Grace Vanderwaal on America’s Got Talent.  She loves her music and idolizes her.  I wish I could thank her for what she has unknowingly done for my little girl.  She has been an inspiration to Monster.  I will always be grateful for that.

Monster has been learning to play the ukulele since a bit after the Christmas holiday.  It has worked out well because her specialist teacher is one of the people who is running the club Monster takes part in.

This has become a wonderful outlet for Monster in dealing with various issues at school and at home.  She has always been creative and resourceful, but this allows for another method of expression for her.  Her specialist teacher has used this as a means to combat negative self-talk that has been cropping up in her.  We also ran into a period of time where Monster didn’t want to go to school.  Since starting in her new school, this has not been an issue like it was at PIS.  Her specialist thought quickly and used her ukulele to create positive self-talk for the monster.

For a child who struggles with expressing herself verbally and socially, I think that this has given her more.  She loves to play the music.  She loves to sing.  She feels a sense of accomplishment through this method.

She has a concert coming up in June.  I can’t wait to see how she does.  I can’t wait to see her get up there and perform.  I am so proud of my monster.

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