Our Easter Holiday with Auntie

She stayed with us for a little over a week.  The weather was perfect for us.  We had one really warm day.  The rest were amazing.  This was Auntie’s second visit to Hong Kong.  The last time, she came with Fruitbat during Chinese New Year.  We had not been in Hong Kong very long and were struggling with money.  It was so good to see them, but we didn’t really know enough about Hong Kong to really show them much.

This time, we took her EVERYWHERE.

Our first morning with her, we took her on a walk on the promenade outside of our buildings.

We went to Sai Kung and had lunch at Dude’s favorite place, Cali Mex.  We went through the older part of Sai Kung.

We took a boat to Sharp Island to walk across at low tide.  We hiked up to the top of the hike to look out over Sai Kung.  I think this was our hottest day.  We got to wade around in the waters.  They were so clean and clear and cool.  The last time we came to Sharp Island with Fruitbat, we didn’t get too far because there was a storm coming in.

The only way to get on and off the island is by boat.  They are not very good at handling the level of storm that was coming in our direction.  We only looked around briefly before boarding another boat to make it back to Sai Kung in time before the storm hit.

With Auntie, we were able to take our time and explore the island.  We didn’t complete the whole hike, but we did get to spend some time there.  It was a perfect day for that.

We actually took multiple trips to Sham Shui Po and Ribbon Street.  Once with the kids, and once without the kids.  Auntie was in heaven there.  You have never seen so many sequins or ribbons or buttons or beads.  I also took her to the different cafes Love and I enjoy.  Dream Cafe and Cafe 360 in Dragon Centre.


We colored Easter eggs with Auntie.

We also took a trip to Disneyland Hong Kong.  We surprised the kids with a trip there.  We really wanted to take them there sooner, but we just never had the money for it.  At least, we couldn’t justify spending that money when we had so many other bills to consider.  It ended up being way more fun with Auntie with us.  We had such a great time.  We were there from about lunchtime until the closing of the park.  A neat thing about the Disneyland in Hong Kong is that it has its own train.  It is much different from the rest of the MTR.

We got off at Sunny Bay to change to the Disney Line, and the kids went crazy.  Up to that point, Dude had been complaining about going on.  He thought we were just going to Lantau Island.  He wanted to stay home and play games with his friends.  We got out at that stop, and he just shook his head at me.  Monster was just happy to be with Auntie.  Though when she realized we were going to Disney, she was even happier.  Same with Monkey.  She was happy to spend time with Auntie.  She hardly complains about anything though.

We had lunch right away in Tomorrowland.  After that, we headed towards some show Dude wanted to see.  We stopped at a group of Storm Troopers and got pulled in as traitors.  We got to take a photo with the Storm Troopers, so that was a good time.

We saw a show about the different stories.  It was done in Cantonese with subtitles in English and Mandarin on either side.  The songs were done in English.  The dialogue was not.  I will say, the woman who played Tiara was AMAZING.  She had an incredible voice.  The one who did Elsa was less impressive.  Though that could have been because she came after Tiana, and she was a powerhouse of a voice.

We wandered the rest of the park and stayed for the light parade.  The parade was similar to what you would see in Disney World in Florida.

Overall, I think Hong Kong did a nice job with their Disneyland.  It’s hard after spending a lot of time at Florida Disney World not to compare.  The kids still had fun, and we all enjoyed sharing it with Auntie.

There are places we always have to take people.  I think we found the Flower Market about a month after they left the first time.  We had gone there for Mothers day last year.

Wong Tin Sin Temple was also a place we took Atom when he came out to Hong Kong.  It is one of the most active temples in Hong Kong.  We took Atom over Chinese New Year, and it was packed.  We could hardly move around at that time.  This time, it was less busy.  There were still a lot of people there, but at least we could move around.  We got there too late though to see the gardens.

One of the last things we did was take Auntie up to the Big Buddha at Tian Tan Temple and Po Lin Monastry.  You go from Tung Chung on Lantau Island to Ngong Ping Village.

We took the cable car up to the top, but you can hike there.  We saw many people hiking over the mountain to get to the Big Buddha.  I would like to do that at some point, but the kids were not interested.

From there, you hike up the steps of the Big Buddha.  From the cable car, we could see a lot of people on the trail.  It would definitely be a worthwhile hike.

When we got to the top of the Big Buddha, we got ice cream.  The last time we went, the kids refused to climb the steps.  Love, Fruitbat, and I did go up.  We got a free ice cream when we got up there.  The kids chose to go with us this time because they wanted the ice cream.  This time I had to buy it though.  LOL.


Our last activity before Auntie left was to get cakes for her to try.  Hong Kong has some amazing bakeries.  Their cakes are like nothing we had ever had before coming here.  It’s not common to see such extravagant cakes in the places we shopped in the US.  I think we ended up with a tiramisu, a cheesecake, a mint cake, and something with hazelnut.  They were so good.


We had a great time with Auntie.  She left the next morning to fly back to Chicago.  We tried to convince her to stay longer ( and I think we were almost there), but she had to go to work.  We had such a great time with her.  I was able to spend time alone with her, and that alone was amazing.

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