Auntie Comes to Hong Kong!

Our Easter break was actually pretty long compared to what we were used to in the US (Friday to Monday off for Easter weekend in the US as opposed to 2 weeks off here in Hong Kong).

Our original plan had been to go with a friend to the Philippines to her home there.  We tried to find someone who could watch the Pupper, but we were not able to find anyone at all.  Helper was going home for the break to the Philippines.  So we decided to stay.

My sister decided to come to Hong Kong (for her second time) for a little over a week.  She came after Nephew’s birthday and Easter.  We surprised the kids.  They had no idea she was coming.  We actually told them we were going to dinner when we went to pick her up from the airport.


It was so exciting to have her here again.  Love and I both went to get her.  Her flight had originally been early by almost an hour, but it was only early by about 15 minutes.  I think the longest was waiting for her baggage.  Love and I were very eager to see her!

We got home and recorded her entrance with the kids.

They were confused and so happy.  We have so many fun things in store for Auntie.


Monster was the first to see her, and you could tell, it took her a couple of seconds to process what she was seeing.  Monkey just started giggling.  Bub though was in his room.  He came out when he knew something was going on.  He hugged her for like 5 minutes.  They were so happy to see her. We were all so happy to have her in Hong Kong with us.

We are so incredibly blessed that she was willing and able to come the long distance to spend time with us.  I know for myself, it was so therapeutic to spend that time with my sister.  We were able to laugh and have a good time together.

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