Monster’s New Best Friend

Monster has been participating in the Ukulele Club at her school for the past couple of months.  She has really come to like playing it.  She was first interested in it because of Grace Vandervaal from AGT.  She was a young girl who auditioned by playing and singing an original song using a Ukulele.  Now Monster is constantly watching her stuff and listening to her music.

So after some discussion with her special needs teacher at school, we decided to get her her own ukulele.  We took her to Po Lam to the music shop.  She originally wanted a painted one, but Love talked her out of it because it is painted because it is faulty wood.  She chose instead a natural toned wooden one with Mother of Pearl inlay.


She was so excited and wanted to try it out.  We had to keep reminding her not to play it while she was walking for fear of her dropping it.  I ended up carrying it for her.  I did give it back to her on the train though.  I’m not sure if those around us were happy or annoyed by her playing.  She is only able to play happy birthday so far, but I know she is going to want to learn more now that she has one at home to practice.


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