She Did It!!!


We received an email from the school as we were leaving for the day.  I was with Monkey’s sped person when I received it.

Monkey was offered a spot in the Media  Program at the BTEC.  Both of the people who were with me at the time know my kids pretty well.  We all jumped up and down at the news.

I am so proud of my Monkey.  I knew she could do it.  I knew they would love her.  I know this is going to open up more possibilities for her.  I know this will really help her with her creativity and focus as well.

When I got home, I told her.  She showed more excitement over this than I have seen her show in quite a while.  I knew then that this was absolutely the right choice for her.  I am so proud of her.  I can’t wait to see what amazing things she is able to do.

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