Day 0 of Year 7 Camp

We didn’t leave for camp right away.  The year 7’s were only going for 3 nights instead of 4.  Due to this, we had a team building day today.  The HOY (head of year) created tasks and games for the kids to participate in that was meant to grow their skills as a team.


The first task was to create a banner of their team.  They had to come up with a name and motto.  On their banner, they needed to draw things that would represent camp.  They all had to contribute to the banner.


Dude lucked out and is on a team with his bestie.  Yay!!


The next activity was to take all of the year group into the neighboring park to do a scavenger hunt.  Each of us teachers had a task and a QR code for the kids to scan.  They received a stamp when they completed the task.  Mine was to decode a message.  It was nice because the message told them to tell the teacher to have a lovely day.  I had many students telling me to have a lovely day.  That was a pick me up.  =]


After the scavenger hunt, we each had a game in a room for the kids to participate in as a team.  Mine was the human knot, and they had to untangle themselves.  It was entertaining because the girls and boys would stay on separate sides of the circle.  Then when I would tell them to reach across to grab a hand, they would FREAK OUT!  The girls didn’t want to touch the boys, and the boys didn’t want to touch the girls.  In one group, they actually mixed up to be able to only hold hands with another girl/boy (depending on their preferred gender).  Oh, in a couple years, we won’t be able to keep them apart.  I dread camp when that happens.


The last bit was more games in the gym.  As always, team building.  Some worked out, and they worked really well together.  Some didn’t work so well, and we had issues.

I am interested to see how this all works out.  This is an interesting group of kids.  There are a great many needs in this group, and they really are not very mature.  They are amazing kids though, and I love them to pieces.  Even though they are a ton more work, I love working with them.  I am grateful to be the liaison for the year 7s.

Tomorrow will be the moment of truth when we embark on this odyssey with these kids.  I’ve got my fingers crossed it will go well.

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