Year 5 Camp. Ready, Set, GO!

Monster is the first to go out to camp this year.  It was a month or so ago when I mentioned to her she would be going out on camp.  She fell apart.  She really didn’t want to go.  I emailed her teachers at her school to let them know she was having a hard time with the whole thing and didn’t want to go.

She had much the same reaction last year when she went on camp.  In year 4, she was only gone for one night.  For year 5 though, she is going to be there for 2 nights.

Her teachers started working with her about a month before the camp to prepare her for what to expect.  Her teacher helped her set up a tent.  They talked about what she was going to be doing at camp and ways for her to cope with the environment.  Her teachers are absolutely wonderful and lovely (and saints if I am honest).

Our helper was amazing.  I gave her the list of what was needed for the camp.  She checked it to let me know what we would still need.  I went out and gathered that.  So when I came home from work yesterday, it was all organized and ready to go.

Monster was still quite apprehensive about the whole thing.  I don’t think she fully believed she had to go until this morning.

I woke her up and tried to help her find clothes.  When I didn’t hand her her uniform, she got really upset.  It was about half an hour of me snuggling in bed with her while she cried and me convincing her she would be fine.

We chose the stuffed animals she would take with her as comfort.  She wanted to take Fronksy, but I was afraid she would lose it somewhere out in the wilderness.  That would be a catastrophe.


I got her fed and ready to go.  Helper was going to be taking her to school.  When I left for work, she wouldn’t let go of me.  I knew she was going to have a great time if she’d just give it a chance.  I reminded her that her teacher was going to be there with her (thank goodness for that woman….).

She got off to camp and seemed to be fairly happy.  I think she will find it to be much more fun once she gets over the fear.

Evie Camp 5 View.jpg


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