Go to the World Wide House he said…

Love says this morning, “Hey, let’s go to World Wide House.” I am still wondering why I agreed to that. . .


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I will say, I enjoy going to the World Wide House.  There is always something new to see or find.  We have taken the kids a couple of times here.  Monster always complains about it because in the Philippines, they love her and always tell her how pretty she is.  I think she secretly loves it because the Filipinos are generally very kind and friendly.  Both she and Dude wanted to move to the Philippines after our short visit there.  World Wide House is like a little slice of the Philippines in Hong Kong.

The World Wide House is the Filipino market in Central.  It is three floors of mobile phone shops, markets, travel agents, shipping companies, remittance shops, and many other places.   Love likes this place because of the snacks that come out of the Philippines.  It is also where you can sometimes find Dunkin Donut donuts.  They are flown in from the Philippines.


There is also a Jollibee right outside, which is a Filipino company.  They have a few locations in Hong Kong.  Love and I have gone to the one in Mong Kok.  He loves the pasta and fried chicken.

Anyway, we went to this place on Sunday.  Sunday, which is the universal holiday for most (if not all) domestic helpers.  We’ve been on Sundays before, and it was crowded then.  Add into the mix that it was raining and all around gloomy weather.  The place was packed.  We struggled to navigate through the crowds of people as we tried to find our favorite places.

The one thing we notices through these crowds was that they flowed much better than on the streets of Hong Kong.  While it was a struggle to get through, people were generally kind and considerate.

Love was able to find his cookies.  I was able to find the cross stitch fabric I was looking for.  The bonus was it was priced really well.  I had found it one other place (but the place is now closed down) for over $300 for a meter.  At this shop in World Wide House, I was able to find it for $140 for a yard of it.  Woo Hoo!!

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