Christmas Day and 5 Months in Hong Kong

How funny our 5 months here falls on Christmas day.  5 months down and 19 to go.   

We weren’t able to go as all out for Christmas has we have done in the past.  Part of that was due to space, and the bigger part was due to money.  We were lucky that FIL was about to sell Love’s car back home, and we used that money for Christmas presents.  It helped get some things for the kids.  I know it wasn’t as exciting as last year, but I think the kids are getting old enough to understand the situation.  They are most likely not still believers in Santa but know if they vocalize it, the presents stop (they wouldn’t, but that was the threat when they would try to ruin it for the younger ones).

The kids seemed pretty happy with what they got, but they were struggling with being away from my parents and siblings.  We usually have a huge Christmas with all of my siblings and their significant others.  We would all open presents from each other on Christmas Eve.  Then on Christmas morning, we open the gifts from my parents.  Mom would make a sort of appetizer meal for dinner on Christmas Eve that we would get during last minute shopping done that day.  Then we have cinnamon rolls and casseroles for breakfast when we open presents the next morning.  Then my parents make a huge dinner Christmas night while we just sort of hang out and watch Doctor Who.

This year, we opened presents when everyone woke up.  I made a big breakfast with pancakes and eggs and bacon.  The kids talked to my parents.  I made cookies.

It was sort of a slow going process because of the size of our oven.  I made cookies for our security guards as well.  I think it took me about 3 hours to make all of the cookies.  I made two different kinds.

Chocolate chip cookies and cream cheese cookies.  They were really good.  Very addictive.  Definitely couldn’t just eat one.


So it’s been 5 months here.  Not even half a year yet.  Time is both speeding by and moving at a snail’s pace. I’m really not sure how that works though.  I feel like Monkey is pretty happy here.  She enjoys the school and loves having the drama classes.  She is struggling with some of the other things in school, but that is mainly due to the change in curriculum.  The way MYP is taught is completely different to what she is used to.

Dude is a little more of an issue.  He is using all kinds of avoidance tactics to get out of class.  He talks constantly about home and going home.  He has made some really great friends, but he seems so stuck in the past that he is not embracing the current situation.  I know the fact that we were not able to go home is making it harder for him, but I think if he would give things a fair chance, he would be happier.  It is hard because talking to him is like talking to a wall when I try to get him to accept his current situation.  Maybe he needs more time.  I don’t know.

Monster seems okay.  She continues to struggle in her class, but I think I agree with Love regarding all of this.  She’s in that huge class.  I think if she were in a small class, her situation would be greatly improved.  I guess we just need to make it through this school year.  Next year should be better.

Otherwise, I know I am struggling being away from family.  I love where we are.  I love Hong Kong in general.  I am glad we are here, but I wish I had more support from my parents.  It’s frustrating when those wounds are still very fresh. I don’t know.  I love my job.  I love the people I work with.  I love where we live.  I’m glad we did this.  The hard part is I feel like I should be ashamed to say any of that.  I feel I am unable to express any happiness in my situation to the people at home.  It’s exhausting to police everything I say.  Oh well….

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