Failed Attempt at 10,000 Buddha Temple


We went into Shatin today in an attempt to see the 10,000 Buddha Temple.  It’s at the top of a mountain.  I knew it was behind the Ikea in Shatin, but I wasn’t sure where exactly.  There were signs pointing to it, but they were extremely vague.

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We ended up wandering around and into another temple.  It was very much a cemetery as well.  I don’t think we were meant to be there.  We found some pretty shoty steps that went around the area, but it only led us back to that first temple we ended up in.  After about an hour of being the foreigners wandering in a place we probably shouldn’t be, we made our way back to Shatin to New Town Plaza.  I’m not sure where we were supposed to go for the 10,000 Buddha Temple, but it wasn’t where we were that’s for sure.

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