College Fair


The school had its fair today.  It was the 10th anniversary of the school opening.  There was a huge celebration surrounding that.

I was in charge of the students who came up with the games.  I was supposed to leave it up to them to design and create the games.  It was a weekly meeting to make sure they were on track to have the games ready.

Unfortunately, it was rainy and cold on the day of the fair. I think that lower the amount of people to attend our games.  We were put in the car park on the back end of the school.  It was cold and miserable to be there all day.

Love brought the kids up to the fair, and we were able to go around and check out all of the other vendors around the school.  The canteen had food from around the world.  We tried food from many different places.  It was really cool.

So the idea of a school fair is something I am familiar with mostly because of my love for anime (yeah, I know, but I am neither weeaboo or otaku, I promise).  It functions in much the same way as it is portrayed in Japanese media.  Each class is responsible for some sort of activity or stand.  There is entertainment by students, staff, and community members alike.  They take the school fair VERY seriously.  Much (if not all) of the staff and students are involved in the planning, set up, presentations, clean up in some way, shape, or form.  Monkey was participating in helping in an arts and crafts event with little kids.

It was a lot of fun, but I am wondering how it will be when I am not responsible for such a large part next year.


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