Pupper’s Homecoming

Pupper arrived today later than expected, but I’ll take it.  She was sort of dazed when she arrived.  It took her a bit to realize where she was.  She rode the whole 16 hour flight with no messes in her kennel.  The driver who brought her to us said she was the sweetest pup he’s had in a while.  We had similar sentiments from the US side transport company.

Pupper slowly came to realize she was “home” with us again.  She became more and more active.  She was so happy to see the kids.  Love was even happy to see her.

It is so good to have Pupper back with us.  I am grateful to Daisy and her family for caring for Pupper for the few months we waited.  I’m glad we waited to bring her.  Not only was it cooler for her, but we were much more settled and ready to enjoy our Pupper.

Categories: Family

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