Halloween in Hong Kong

You know, it’s hard to know expectations for holidays in a foreign country.  Add into that we are just sort of trying to keep our head above water, and that’s how you end up where we did for Halloween.  

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We were able to handle Monster’s costume pretty easily.  She wanted the first thing she saw (which was a witch).  We found a hat and cape at the grocery store the next train stop from us.  The other two were a little more picky.  

Monkey wanted to go as an obscure anime character, and Dude had no idea what he wanted to be.  

We took them to a costume shop in Causeway Bay last night.  Monkey only needed a black wig.  Dude took some convincing.  He finally settled on the Superman costume.  

So they wanted to go trick or treating, but I had no idea where that was supposed to happen.  To be honest, I could have researched long before today, but of the million of other things that needed to be done, trick or treating was last on my list of things to give thought to.  

We didn’t go trick or treating in the end even though I know there was some going on in one of the villages in Sai Kung.  I got home and completely crashed.  I did go to the grocery store to put together treat bags for the kids.  I found some American candies as well as Asian candies for them.  They were pretty okay with that.  

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