Less than a week until Pupper!!

I received word from the company that Pupper is going to be shipped here in less than a week.  She has been with my friend, Daisy since we left.  It was such a blessing.  Daisy’s youngest daughter got along with Pup so well.  I wanted Pupper to be in a place where she was not going to be picking up bad habits.  As much as I love my parents’ dogs, they have tons of bad habits.  They are so lucky they are cute.  =]

Pupper will leave the US on my birthday.  She will arrive the following day.  I am really nervous about sending her alone on the plane, but she has to be shipped as cargo anyway.  On the way back to the US, she will ride in the plane with us, but not on the way here.  

The company I found here to pick her up (because you can’t get your own dog.  Hong Kong requires a service to get her through customs) from a forum.  The person swore by the guy on this side.  I contacted him.  He suggested a US company for that side.  The woman I’ve been dealing with has been nothing short of amazing.  With Pupper at Daisy’s, she has had to do a bit of the work getting the documents in order.  Our person has been so great.  So now that everything is in order, Pupper will be arriving 2nd November around 8 or 9 PM.  I can’t wait to have my Pupper back.  

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