Football Club (Well, soccer for those in the US)

I agreed to be the supervisor for a CAS project.  It is a football club after school for year 3 and 4 students.  I figured it would serve a dual purpose since Monster is in year 4.  It gets her involved in a club as well as out running around.  

Yeah….  It didn’t go that way.  There were tons of kids there.  There were only 3 coaches.  I would like to say they had everything under control, but put 40 7-8 year olds in one place, and it ain’t pretty.  Add to that that it was supposed to be time for them to be active and after school, those kids didn’t want to sit down at all.  

It was so cute though.  These kids were so happy to be there.  The coaches did a great job of knowing what they were doing, but I really think they need more students to supervise the kids.  I am not sure how Monster is going to cope with it.  She was hit in the head twice.  These kids were also REALLY good at football.  One of the other teachers who has kids in the club said a lot of the kids have probably been privately coached.  She says a lot of the kids end up with private tutors in just about every subject.  That is definitely a difference for us.  That was not something that was done much where we were from.  

I am going to try to get Monster to give it another chance.  When she was able to get the ball away from everyone else, she was pretty good with handling it (not to the level of these kids, but still better than I thought she would be able to).  

I really want her to get involved with these kids.  I want her to be able to make friends.  It’s been a challenge for her.  In our old school, she had friends whether she tried or not.  They had been together since they were 3.  She knew those kids and was really tolerant of just about anything.  Here, she actually has to try to be friends.  She isn’t aware of how that works.  

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