Our Stuff Has Arrived!!!

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After months of trying to get the company to answer and do what they said they were going to do, we received our stuff.  About 30 boxes.  I would like to say they arrived in good condition, but then I would be lying.

I researched moving companies for quite a while when we decided to make this move.  Some were insanely expensive and ridiculous in their expectations.  Some were really sort of shady in their requirements and practices.  I found one I thought was reliable.  The reviews seemed pretty standard.  There were no overall glaring problems with them.  

Then we had direct contact with them……….

 After getting our stuff shipped out, I was just hoping we would get our stuff.  At some point.  Hopefully.  Maybe if I said please…..

So I paid the final bill mid August.  Our stuff came … Today.  Two and a half months it took.  For a month and a half of that it all sat in their warehouse in New York.  

In that moment though of everything coming, we were so happy.  We were a little put out by the boxes being barely held together, but I suppose a way to look at it was it made it easier to rip into the boxes.  The kids were so happy to have their stuff.  Monster and Dude were beyond happy to have their stuffed animals.  The box of stuffed animals, when it arrived, was almost a sphere!  


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