Our Adventure on the Island

We went to the Island today to get Monkey’s HKID.  It took use over an hour to get there due to the trains.

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We got there, and they asked for her temporary HKID…  Yeah, I forgot it.  I can’t believe after all of that, we (well, I) forgot the temp ID.

So we walked out of there without her HKID intent on going again either later this week or next weekend.  Love pulled up the restaurants in the area.  I chose The Flying Pan.

We walked over there.  It was a second floor diner run by an amazing Indian guy.  The food was really good.  The service was pretty good.  Prices were average.  They were neither too high or really low.  Luckily, the food made the cost worth it.

We left there and caught a bus to Hong Kong Park.

We got into the park and started to wander around.  We went to the Teaware Museum that was inside the park as seen on “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having“.

While we were watching a video about making teapots, the fire alarm went off.  We sort of looked around at each other.  The people running the museum didn’t say much or provide much direction.  In fact, they seemed rather nonplussed by the whole thing.  We sort of shrugged and herded the kids out.  They were just as confused as us and actually wanted to stay to see the rest, but we got them out.

The alarm continued.  No one seemed overly concerned.  People sort of looked over to see if anything was going on, but mostly people just kept walking by.  Huh….

We turned down another path.  There was a fountain the kids could play in.  While the kids played, the fire trucks came speeding up with sirens blaring.  They screeched to a haul not far from us on the road.  But then the firemen though added to the confusion because they didn’t exactly move fast once they got there.  They sort of sauntered over to the museum.  Good thing the place wasn’t actually on fire.  It would have been ashes long before the firemen ever got there.

We went to the conservatory and Olympic Square.  Then we went to the Tai Chi Garden and the aviary.  The kids were able to run around and look at all kinds of things.  We saw some different kinds of birds.  One of the big birds even talked back to Monster when she made bird noises at it.

We saw much of the park as we walked around, but the heat was starting to take its toll on the kids and Love.  We decided to head to the store he had wanted to check in Central to see if there was Southern Comfort.  It was a really interesting part of the city.  We took a double decker bus (same line to get to the park we took before).  This time the kids got a front row seat on the top of the bus.

We ended up in the Midlevels.  The roads were almost layered.  Luckily we were headed down.  Otherwise, that climb would have been brutal (though they may have had escalators going up).

Love found what he was looking for, so we headed to the nearest MTR station and headed home.

We returned home in time to have dinner with fellow teachers who live in the same compound and block as us.

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