We Have Achieved Our First Breakdown

Love and I were in the kitchen discussing the need of a hammer for furniture assembly as well the possibility of having to flat painted.  Love was still traumatized from completing the assembly of the three loft beds.  Monster was in the kitchen with us.  Love said he wasn’t moving those beds.

Monster just broke down crying saying she wanted to see Grandma.  We tried to explain to her we were talking about in the two year time we ‘were here, we aren’t moving.  She was so upset.  I did my best to tell her it was okay to miss everyone but try to focus on what we are getting to do now.  She had a hard time with this and was just having none of it.

Finally, she calmed down a bit.  My mom had given these books for the kids to make for her.  I gave Monster one of those and told her when she was done, we’d mail it out.  She seemed more receptive of this.  Though it blew her mind mail from the US could get to Hong Kong.  I know it won’t be the last time.  It breaks my heart.  I feel so selfish for putting them through all of this… Until I remember what “all this” is.

Maybe they’ll hate me someday for this, but I’d like to think they will see the merit of our decision to do this.  Hopefully.

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