Our Flat

We ended up taking the flat in Wu Kai Sha.  It is in a compound of multiple buildings (I think it is about 28 buildings or blocks).  The kids and Love love to joke about the color of the buildings being Tron colors(we are a bunch of geeks).

I am not going to lie.  I truly love this place.  I love that I was able to get the bathroom I wanted.  I love the view.  We are paying more than I would like, but we are comfortable.  The kids each have their own space.  Love and I have a wonderful space.  I think it will be easier to call this home over time.

It is pretty convenient to shops and school.  It is connected to a train station.  There is a rather large shopping center one stop away.  The school is connected to a station two stops away.

It is light and breezy.  We have a balcony looking out over the bay.  Our block is right next to the mall for our compound, and there is a dog walking park right outside our block.  It will be really good for when Pupper gets here.

The kids seem genuinely happy to have a place to live.  They are excited about the clubhouse here.  The pools are really nice as well.  The one issue is we have to pay to use the pools.  That may present a problem. . .

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