We Can’t Sleep on the Floors Forever

With the signing of the papers, we need to furnish the flat.  We took the bus with the kids to Sha tin Terminal and worked to the Ikea.

It was what you would expect of an Ikea really.  Whether it be in the US, Japan, or Hong Kong (those are the places I’ve been to Ikea), the place is a madhouse.

It was the same setup, the same stuff with the same goofy names.  There was just another language on the tag.

Furnishing a Flat

Well, we are running into an issue with buying furniture.  First, most of what we want is out of stock.  We have been using Ikea.com.  We wandered around Ikea for quite some time with all three kids trying to determine beds and storage and table and chairs and couch and entertainment center.  All of it was so overwhelming.  For the kids, we decided on the loft beds.  We ended up not spending a ton of money on the beds.  I have some reservations whether they will actually fit in the rooms, but Love says they will.

Then we looked for our bed.  Queen or king?  I guess that is the question.  We’ve had a king sized bed for the last decade.  I shudder to consider sleeping in a queen bed.  Not for any reason other than it’s not what we are used to.  We did decide on a king, but I am not thrilled with the mattress.  Ours at home was so perfect.  I don’t think I will ever find a bed that soft again.  Love jokes that I am the princess and the pea because I am so picky about my bed.  I will be honest.  All I feel right now is dread.  Pure dread.

Love looked some more for things that would be comparable.  I’m pretty sure we spent more than we meant to.


Then well, of course we need to buy bedding.  Any bedding we brought is a month out.  We need it now.  Ugh….

So we bought mattresses and bedding.  It will be here in a week.  The kids are half excited because they get to “camp”.  We are going to go into our flat with no furniture.  I support is it good the kids are excited about the “camping”.

This is a learning experience.  That’s what I have to keep telling myself.  I’m hoping that will help.  I’m not counting on it.

We didn’t find anything really at the store.  We returned to the hotel and are looking at the computer in hopes of sorting all this out.

I am counting down the time until we are out of the hotel.  All of it is so unknown, but we are going stir crazy in this space.  I just tried to take the kids to the pool, but there is a thunder storm warning.  Of course, Dude and Monster are driving each other and us crazy.  Love and I just spend the last few hours taking turns staring at the computer trying to find the best choices.

See, here’s the rub in buying furniture.  You, at some point in the future, will have to sell or abandon your stuff to move on.  It currently is two years away for us (unless we decide to stay longer, but for now we are sticking to the two year timeline).

So spending a ton on furniture we’ll use for two years is not feasible or smart.  I know from research done before leaving most people don’t ship their furniture back.  Most of the teachers hired with me are veterans to this process.  For us though, we are only learning.  At least the next time we will know what to do.

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