Induction Day CANCELLED!!

We were supposed to have the organization wide induction day, but it was cancelled due to the typhoon.

So our first experience with typhoons was pretty underwhelming.  We were in the hotel, and our room faced inside in a sort of U shape.  We spent the day just laying around watching TV, and we got lunch and stuff within the hotel.  The kids were still dealing with jetlag, so the downtime was well received.

I’m sure the next one will be different, but this time, we stayed in the hotel until it was lowered to a T3.  We went to New Town for dinner.  We walked there from the hotel.  The extent of the damage we saw was downed tree branches and debris.  I know flooding and land slides were an issue in other places.  It seemed to be more of an issue on the Island from what I’m told.

We come from the Midwest, the land of severe storms and tornadoes.  Rain and wind were nothing compared to that.

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