Another Day at PIS

Day 2:  Computers

We had to return to the school with our computers that Monday for computer training.  We weren’t there very long.  We also found out we need computers for Monkey and Dude.  That was not a happy surprise.  They need to have some sort of Apple computer.  Yeah, because those are cheap……

After I finished with school, I had to go and deal with my bank account.  Well, I needed to open one and deposit the loan check. We were at T3 for a typhoon and expecting a change to T8 around 9PM.

I had to get to and from Hong Kong Island before the T8 because everything shuts down then.

So interesting fact.  HSBC is the preferred bank here.  I had to go to Citibank.  Here’s why.  Ready?

I’m American.

Yep, being American is a pain in the bum again.

Applying for an account to HSBC would result in a two month waiting period to clear security (from the US from the way it was explained to me).

So I opened the account.  I took 4 different train lines to make it home just as they were changing the T3 to a T8.  I was walking into the hotel just as the wind started to pick up and the rain started to fall.  Excellent timing, if I do say so myself.  YAY!!!

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